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Nerf: It's Not Just A Game Anymore


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War Log

Highlights of Wars n Stuff are posted Here.

Place: Kamrans House
People: Kamran, Matt, Chris, Mike, Levin, Jesse, Tucker

Highlights Of The Game:
-Jesse fakes dead and knocks out Matt, Kamran, and Chris to take the round
-Matt takes Tucker through a few trees and bushes for the final kill
-Tucker camps, then when someone appears he runs. Twice.
-Jesse sits in a hole and runs Chris down when he tries to advance on Tucker
-In the single longest recorded match ever, Matt takes out all four of his enemies (Mike, Levin, Jesse, Tucker) with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Victory never tasted better
-Kamran nails tucker with Big Mac from 80+ feet away

Place: Matt Taylor's House
Turnout: Matt, Chris, Kamran, Jesse, Sperry

(Soon To Come)

Place: Pistol War, Jesse's Basement
People: Matt, Kamran, Jesse, Chris, Mike

-Jesse storms in on Matt and Kamran with a fully loaded powerclip. Too bad he forgot to pump
-Matt deals out the punishment getting three kills in one round (the entire other team) with two headshots and a thrown dart kill
-Mike puts on the pain putting out two injuries in one round, one to Kamran's ear and the other to Jesse's forehead
-Matt "shakes his booty" at the wrong time and is left with a nice mark on his left cheek. ouch
-Jesse breaks the door in the hallway and decides to live it up a little (see picture)
-Kamran decides it would be a good idea to hide in the shower. Jesse decides it would be a good idea to look in the shower. Poor, unwise Jesse. Don't fret though, the shower curtain took a nice beating
-Kamran and Mike both get hit in the glasses. This is why we wear eye protection
-Jesse powerclip charges about ten times... often winning the round but dying in the process