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Nerf: Distance Is Futile


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Dart Making Guide

Many people have asked how to make darts, so i took the liberty to produce a step-by-step guide on mastering the dart making process. Props to Kamran for helping me with this one. Why do you want to make your own darts? Well, you can bring them for yourself and yourself only. You don't have to share, so your limits are only how many darts you feel like making. Two, it reduces the chance of canceled/postponed wars due to lack of ammunition. Finally, its a big help to us so we don't have to supply darts for everyone, and you'd be taking a step further into the better nerfing world.

1/2" or 5/8" foam backer rod (caulk saver)
Hot glue gun + Glue sticks
Split Shot fishing weights, Size BB
Something to stand darts up in
Bag (grocery or shopping bag preferably, no plastic bags)
CPVC (optional)
Talent (optional)

Step 2

Cut the foam backer rod into 2" pieces for micros or 2 1/4" pieces for megas. The sizes we use are not absolutly necessary, but they seem to work very well so thats for you to decide. Put the darts into a bag as you cut them. Do NOT use a plastic bag. Shopping bags and grocery bags seem to be the most efficient.

Step 4

Put the darts in whatever you found to hold darts. We use a CPVC tray made of 1 1/2" pieces of CPVC that we can stick the darts into. This is very efficient, but anything will work. You can even make the darts one by one and put them up against a wall if you want, but this slows the process.

Step 6


Now you need to get the weights. We get them at Wal-Mart, in the isle next to the one with all the fishing rods. You can't miss it. They're called "Split Shot" Sinkers. It comes in two different packages, the plastic containers and the bags, but the weights are identical. Make sure you get size "BB" which is located in a blue box on the plastic containers and at the bottom on the bags.

Step 8

Get the glue gun out again and put a nice glob of glue over the weight. Make sure you covor the weight so it doesn't come out when you fire the gun, but don't put so much hot glue that it overflows the sides of the dart. If it does that, the glue will harden and you won't be able to fit the dart inside your barrel.

Step 1

Get some foam backer rod at your local hardware store. We get it at Home Depot, and there (along with many other hardware stores) it is called "Caulk Saver," as shown in the picture. You want to get the size 1/2" for micro darts (to fit in CPVC) or 5/8" for mega darts (to fit in PVC.) At Home Depot it is two isles down to the left from the pipe isle, so try to find it from that description if you can't find someone in the store to show you where it is.

Step 3

Use the hairdryer to heat up the darts. Put it on high and if you have a lot of darts move them around with your hand so you're sure to get all of the darts (taking care not to burn your arm in the process.) This will make the darts straighten themselves because the heat will un-coil them. Do this as long as it takes to get very straight darts. Even slightly bent darts preform signifigantly worse than well-straightened ones.

Step 5

Take your hot glue gun and burn holes into one end of each of the darts. Just use the tip, and don't make the holes too big. The hot glue gun tip will burn into the foam backer rod very easily, so be careful. Try and make the holes as centered as possible, that way the dart will fly straighter.

Step 7

Add one of the weights into each of the holes in the darts. Careful not to drop the weights, they're a pain to pick up.

Step 9

Wait for the glue to dry fully, and viola! You're done! If you used a CPVC tray like us, push the darts out with a pencil or something. Celebrate a little, and then get ready for another batch!