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3/21/04 - Added the mods section (finally!) and a mod for the Nite Finder. More mods to come, and look forward to a war very soon. The rainy weather has sucked a lot, but maybe it'll clear up. Untill then, MT out.

2/22/04 - Started up the gun pictures section. Isn't complete yet, but I figured I'd get it started. Yeah that's pretty much it, untill next time, MT out.

2/7/04 - Forums are pretty dumb when the nerfers are all freinds and have eachother's IM, and also my IM and email is posted on the site if anyone feels like contacting me. Scratch that. Also, we're thinking another war right after Febuary Vacation. Look forward to it, MT out.

2/7/04 - Added a forum. Might be useless, might be useful. We'll see. Click on it on the right side. MT out.

2/7/04 - War at Jesse's house today, a hell lot of fun. 10 of showed up for some serious nerfing action. This war introduced Edmund to the game, and also the new Nerf pistols, Target Techs. They performed fantastically, I used two of them and nothing else for pretty much all of the war. We faught in Jesse's backyard, a huge woods area with a giant hill, and also around his house. There aren't any pictures of the woods area because I wanted to play there too much. Look forward to a new gun pictures section, a new rules section and possibly a modifications section due to popular request. The new pictures are in a different format, very spiffy if you ask me. Now you can click on the pictures to enlarge them. New nerf video up too, take a look, and some new bio pictures. Great day today, and untill next time, MT out.

This site is all about nerf. If you have any questions that are not answered here, conctact me on aim @ rabidcroissant or email me at Have fun and take a look around.

How can you not love us?

Check out the War Photo Collection for more pictures

If you are new to the site or nerf, check out the noob guide. If you are looking for upcoming war dates, check the calendar section.

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Nerf Quote Of The Whenever I Update The Site: "Haha children..." -Jesse, on seeing the children sign around where we were fighting

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