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Nerf: Distance Is Futile


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This is the nerf calendar. Updates and War dates (past and future) are recorded here.


3/21/04 - Added the mods section (finally!) and a mod for the Nite Finder. More mods to come, and look forward to a war very soon. The rainy weather has sucked a lot, but maybe it'll clear up. Untill then, MT out.

2/22/04 - Started up the gun pictures section. Isn't complete yet, but I figured I'd get it started. Yeah that's pretty much it, untill next time, MT out.

2/7/04 - War at Jesse's house today, a hell lot of fun. 10 of showed up for some serious nerfing action. This war introduced Edmund to the game, and also the new Nerf pistols, Target Techs. They performed fantastically, I used two of them and nothing else for pretty much all of the war. We faught in Jesse's backyard, a huge woods area with a giant hill, and also around his house. There aren't any pictures of the woods area because I wanted to play there too much. Look forward to a new gun pictures section, a new rules section and possibly a modifications section due to popular request. The new pictures are in a different format, very spiffy if you ask me. Now you can click on the pictures to enlarge them. New nerf video up too, take a look, and some new bio pictures. Great day today, and untill next time, MT out.

12/28/03 - I apologize for taking so long to actually get this site updated, tripod decided to hate me for a while and emailing the morons who run this didn't help much, just a lot of "it'll be up soon!" Anyway, everything should be running fine and look forward to a war soon. Oh and the bio section is being a pain, so it won't be updated untill later. Untill tripod decides to love me again, MT out.

10/26/03- Man, it's been ages since this site has been updated. For those of you who thought we were dead- think again. We took a summer break with people going away and all, but now we're back in full swing and ready for the snowy season. Near the end of the summer a fight took place, but I wasn't there and nobody thought to bring a camera (way to go) so we don't have any pictures from it. We had another war today, with 8 of us showing up at chris's house. Bad weather, great war. We had a great time and we'll try to get a fight scheduled soon that everyone can make. Check out the new bios and the new pictures, and untill next time, MT out.

6/26/03 - Two wars have passed since the last update, but the fight at Phill's did not have any pictures due to bad weather. The fight however was still awesome even though we played in the rain. The 6/25 fight at PJ's was fantastic, providing dinner and a pool to cool off in. Lots of pictures from that war, so check out the pictures section. Bios were updated to include PJ and Ben, and Samer's will come soon. Look forward to the next war. MT out.

6/8/03 - Check it out man, the site is now registered under so you can enter that in your browser and it'll come up. Awesome. Also, Mike has kindly provided us with a temporary website to display nerf guns that we use. Props to Mike for that. Check it out in the Gun Pictures section.

6/8/03 - The video had a problem with files being exported because I used the wrong kind of compressed files. For you non-computer nerds that means I screwed up the video and had to fix it. Now it's fixed and ready for viewing. Enjoy!

6/8/03 - Yessir, here I am at 12:40 am editing the site. Everyone can say "Matt Rocks" in sychronized harmony because I put up some video footage for us all to enjoy. Now that I am able to I will continue to put recorded footage onto the site. I also upgraded the site to "Tripod Plus," which means more features, more space and most importantly more bandwith, which lets more users visit the site per hour. (It was getting to the point where we could have about three visits per hour.) Enjoy, and untill next time, MT out.

6/6/03 - Spelling Errors Fixed. Minor Update.

6/4/03 - Finally another war! A great 9 person turnout at Valle's house, introducing Brian to the sport. The war pictures have been combined into a database of pictures. The quote of the week has become the "quote of whenever I update the site," so don't get too excited. Andrew and Brian have been added to the bios, as well as Jesse's picture updated. The Gun Pictures section is still under way, and will possibly be deleted, but I'm not sure at this point. The homepage picture is updated and the 6/4 pics are up. Take a look. Untill next time, MT out.

4/29/03 We all love bios! Props to Mike for surveying everyone so we could get some bios up. Take a look. No other updates, Mike just felt like helping me out. Untill next time, MT out.

4/27/03 Yessir I am a lazy one. Two wars have gone by since I last updated the site, but here I am. The 4/6/03 war and the war at the cape that Kamran so kindly invited me and Chris to have both been added to the new war photos section. The war photos page was getting crowded and took a little while to load so I added a new one. The quote of the week (more like the month) has been changed, as has the homepage picture. The bios page got a makeover and the interviews for it will come somewhat soon. The gun pictures page has been wiped clean due to lack of updating. Half those guns were either broken or not used. Not much nerfing happened over vacation due to lack of ammo, but it was a nice break. We're not sure when the next war will be, but probobly either this next weekend or the wednesday after that. Hope you had a nice vacation, enjoy the pictures, and untill next time, MT out.

4/3/03 Big update on the site. The 4/2 war was awesome, a nine person turnout at Valle's house and Andrew's brother even joined half way through. Sadly we did not get any pictures, because the camera was not charged and then it started to rain. I deleted the war log, which was only a pain and it's too hard to get everyone together and decide on the game highlights. I deleted the poll which some stupid people were spamming into, voting over and over for a certain answer. I added a full rules section, and anyone who nerfs/wants to nerf has to read and agree to these rules. If we can do that much, hopefully our problems will steadily decrease. (Not that we had a lot, we just try to get as close to 0 as possible.) I added a quote of the week to give some real live nerf-talk to the site. I am doing a makeover on the gun pictures and bios sections as soon as I can get my camera out at the next war and take some pictures. Most of the guns on the gun pictures section either don't exist anymore or have been changed. Look forward to it. Untill then, MT out.

3/28/03 Ok, ok I know I've been lazy. Uploading pictures is such a pain. Anyway, the 3/16/03 war has been recorded and you can check out the pics in the war photos section. Changed the poll. The overall opinion was to ban AirTech2000s, and so we have. This was, however, the consensus AFTER someone voted for "No, unless it's a very small area" 194 times. If you don't mind, I'd like to keep the polls honest and lets not screw around with them, ok? If you don't know what you're voting for, don't vote. Updated the homepage picture, gotta love it. I need to update the bios and gun pictures section, but I don't have the pictures yet, so that will have to wait. Untill next time, MT out.

3/15/03 The war tomorrow is looking good. We have lots of ammo, over 350 darts due to some power-dart making today (Props to Kamran!) Another thank you to Kamran for assisting me in the creation of the Dart-Making Guide, which is now up on the site. This gives detailed step-by-step instructions on making darts, so you can do it on your own. Now all you people who say you would make darts if you knew how can kiss my boo-tay. Also added a poll. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Until then, MT out.

3/11/03 Hooray! Finally another update. Tripod just wouldn't load this stupid hpstudio.html thingamagjig, which wouldn't let me edit the site. But here I am! The wednesday half-day fight was great, with a 9 person turnout, but uneventful. I don't know if I'm really going to record much for it. That sunday's fight was canceled due to lack of ammunition. We made some more ammo but we need a lot more. I ordered a truckload of weights and we're getting lots of foam backer rod hopefully (props to chris) and will make darts soon! If the weights come and we can get together a dart-making crew, this sunday is on! It will be at my [Matt Taylor's] house on 3/16/03, 12:00 noon. Naturally eat lunch before arrival. We have offically decided AT2Ks are NOT indoor guns, thus dropping our indoor arsenal down around zero. Indoor fights, unless using multiple rooms and/or floors, are canceled untill further notice. Let's hope the weather clears up! The gun pictures section is updated along with some other jazz. I'm working on some stuff to spice up the homepage. Untill then, MT out.

3/3/03 Next nerf fight is scheduled for Wednesday (half-day) 3/5/03 at 12:30 at Kamran's house. Have lunch before you get there. Good turnout expected. Updated calendar section... made the "other" section into a past fights section. What the hell is "other" anyway?

3/2/03 The war was canceled due to drizzling rain (you pansies! just kidding.) and so we didn't go to kamrans. Jesse however invited Me [Matt Taylor], Kamran, Mike, and Chris over for a small indoor pistol war. Working with about two rooms, two small rooms and a hallway, we had some close-ranged injuries, but we all lived. (Sort of.) Also added the war log for highlights on the wars. Updated gun pictures and War Photos (check these out!)

3/1/03 Another update. The nerf calendar section has been added so we don't have to keep all that junk on the homepage. You can also check there for times and locations for the next nerf fight. I just think of everything don't I?

2/27/03 New update. The noob's guide is now up. If you have any questions, go there first from now on. Next fight is on sunday 3/2/03 at kamrans house. Highlights will be posted. I need to make darts. "/start sarcasm" alright! "/end sarcasm" You better not lose so many this time, i might just have to win faster.

2/23/03 Site Goes Up. Woot.

War Dates (Past)

2/7/04 War at Jesse's house, First one in a long time due to lack of people over vacations and snow sucking a lot. This war rocked super hard, 10 people, tons of fun.

10/26/03 - War at Chris's house. Not a lot of guys, but lots of fun and there was good food.

6/25/03 - 8 man turnout at PJ's house, dinner, swimming, nerfing, the works.

6/18/03 - War at Phil's, 11 man turnout, in the rain mostly but awesome nonetheless

6/4/03 Great 9-Man turnout at Valle's house

4/25/03 War at the Cape with just Kamran, Matt and Chris. Props to Kamran for bringing us there, it was a hellsload of fun

4/6/03 Good turnout at Kamran's house. Lots of fun and some high quality pictures

4/2/03 Fight at Valle's house, super awesome. Nine person turnout, ten if you include Andrew's brother, Will, who joined mid-war. Welcome to our newest member, Phil. Next time pick up your dog crap, andrew!

3/16/03 Tons of fun, even with the lack of players. Resulted in exaughsted bodies. Man, what a rush.

3/5/03 Nine person fight at Kamran's. Uneventful in unique respects, but lots of fun all the same. Had some problems with AT2Ks indoors, but we all came out alive, although somewhat blind. (Don't mess with my strobe lighting.)

3/2/03 War was canceled, but there turned out a 5-person pistol war in Jesse's basement. Lots of fun, lots of injuries...

2/9/03 First offical nerf fight. Seven person turnout. Matt, Chris, and Kamran win against Levin, Mike, Jesse, and Tucker. Kamrans house, 12:00.

War Dates (Future)

None currently planned