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Nerf: Distance Is Futile


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Rules and Regulations

Every nerfer must read and abide by these rules. If you don't like them, tough. Failure to play by the rules can result in sitting out rounds, punishment by handicapping (i.e. using a crappy gun), or even suspension from future nerf wars for repeated problems.

Equipment and Supplies

Generally in the equipment catagory we are pretty generous as to what you are allowed to carry/use. Things not allowed for use are:
-laser sights/pointers (even proven safe ones, no exceptions)
-shields/armor (no shields for use of blocking/protecting yourself from darts)
-hand to hand weapons (as of now we do not allow these in nerf wars)

Some equipment is required for nerf play. These items include:
-sunglasses/eye protection (you may NOT play without eye protection. we are very strict about this rule, there are zero exceptions. if you wear glasses, you are not required to wear something over them, but you may)
-a gun (you can borrow a gun for a war or two, but you will eventually be required to have your own gun. there are good guns out for sale right now, so we will be enforcing this rule more latly)
-appropriate clothing (be dressed for the weather. there's nothing more annoying than waiting for someone to call their parents to get some boots or shorts or whatever. just look out your window, it isn't too hard)
-equipment for your gun (we're not going to supply ramrods and such anymore. just grab a stick or something, this isn't rocket science)

Personal and Responsibility

There are many mental/personal aspects of nerf, some which are freindly fun and others that are unacceptable. Here are the rules along the lines of your personal responsibility:

-honesty (one of the biggest problems faced with nerf is arguements over being hit/hitting someone. in nerf we require you to be as honest as you possibly can, and only to argue if you strongly believe you are right. if you do choose to argue, do it in a graceful manner. nobody wants to watch you throw a fit in a nerf war, and it's a pain to listen to. if you are caught straight out lying, you may suffer minor consequences such as sitting out a round.)
-person disputes (if you strongly dislike someone, even go so far as to hate someone, you'll just have to leave your feelings when you leave your house. nerf is open to anyone and everyone, and acting in such a way to discourage a specific person can result in punishment. no matter who is on your team or who you have "beef" with at school, you treat everyone with the same respect. personalized "hunting" or "claiming" people on the other team that you want to get back at or dont like is not acceptable.)
-injury responsibility (if you are injured by a nerf dart, you may not lay the responsibilty on the one who shot it, and visa versa. exceptions include failure to surrender players and shooting between rounds)
-property destruction (if you purposely damage or destroy other players' weapons/equipment, you are held in full responsibility, as well as guaranteed suspension from future wars. if you are borrowing a gun and you accidentally damage it, you are responsible for repair and/or replacement if the owner feels it necessary, but no other punishment is given.)
-shooting darts between round (if you are out of a round by being shot, or if players are in between rounds, or there is a timeout called, you may not, without special permission, fire any darts. If you do you could sit out a round, making darts is no fun in the sun. If you make your own darts, you are free to shoot them as you please.)


We have certain rules to make sure nerf is a safe sport (or as safe as you can get shooting weighted foam at eachother) so we don't go and kill eachother. Wearing eye protection is one, but we have other rules regarding safety as well.

-indoor guns (many guns are now allowed indoors due to their power and range. because of the enclosed space, shots are almost always taken from a much closer range, and injuries are frequent with powerful guns. there are guns that are used indoors, and for a complete list of indoor guns, email
-surrendering (a very controversial rule, surrendering comes into play when you sneak up on someone to a very close range. you are not allowed to shoot someone from very close, and you can make the descision at where you should surrender someone. we do this because the guns that we use outdoors are easily powerful enough to cause welts/cuts/lots of pain. when you get to the "surrender point," you yell out "surrender!" the person being surrendered can run if they feel they are not in a dangerous position, but they may not under any circumstances shoot back at the surrenderer. there are minor exceptions to the surrender rule, such as you cannot surrender people with automatic weapons, due to their lack of range, lack of power and lack of accuracy. there are also double surrenders, where both players feel they surrendered eachother at the same time, in which both players are out for the round. if you keep track of your "kills," a surrender does not count.)
-headhunting (you may not purposely aim for someone's head or face, but if it happens there is no punishment. this is not really a rule, more a safety reminder.)
-gameplay pause/injuries (if there is a legitimate reason to pause the game, just yell it out and the gameplay will stop. if someone is injured, just call it out for gameplay pause. if you see a large group of people standing around, take a hint and don't shoot them)