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Nerf: Distance Is Futile


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Nite Finder Mod

This mod may require the use of a dremel or sanding equipment. I used a dremel, which is a rotating tool device available at most hardware stores, and it is much faster, but sandpaper works as well if you've got some time to kill.


Here is our little pistol. Start by taking out all the screws on the gun.


Open up the gun, making sure not to lose any springs that might pop out or this little metal square in the handel. This square must be put back in at the end to be able to close the gun up fully


Remove the two screws that hold in the plunger shaft. Do NOT remove the screw that holds the trigger in


Now we've got this little piece. Who needs air restricters? Punch out the rod with pleirs or a hammer and a set, whatever works so as long as you don't break the outer ring


Now pull out this piece that is half-inside the plunger tube


Here is what mine looked like when i was done. I did a good job on this one, yours may have some stubs left but they won't make much difference. An alternative is to just take a big drill bit and drill a hole in the center of the restrictor. Whatever works for you


Now you need to take your CPVC coupler and glue it onto the orange cap. You can just glue it on carefully, but the ring on the orange cap is a little too big so it's tricky. What I did was sand the inside of the coupler so it would fit over the orange ring easily


Now that you've got a CPVC coupler on there, it won't fit back into the case. You need to sand down some of the case, mostly at the inner rib of the silver part, and the blue rib where the main case starts (shown in picture). Sand other spots as necessary untill it all fits. After this, just put all the pieces back in the case, screw the plunger shaft in and close up the case.


This is obviously optional, but I cut off the dumb ammo holders that just waste space. This makes the gun smaller and easier to holster


Loop rubber bands from the cocking handle to the front of the gun, alternating right side then left side so when you cock the handle it doesn't bend. You can add as many as you want, but I wouldn't recommend putting more than 10 because the piece that holds the cocking lever might snap


The finished product. Go kick some butt.


Be sure not to miss this hidden screw on the bottom of the handle


Ah, the beautiful insides of the Nite Finder


Here is the plunger in its many pieces. The two pieces on the far right, (the ring and the short tube) you can throw away. We won't be needing those


Here's about what it should look like when you're done, if you left the little stubs that connected to the peg on that's fine, it won't really make a difference


Big freakin' air restrictor. This step is optional, but I highly recommend it as it greatly increases air flow. You need to remove the big center piece without breaking the outer ring. I did this by drilling each of the three pegs holding the center circle in, but you can try other methods. This step is not easy, but again I recommend it if you can.


Glue that piece back into the plunger tube, and glue the cap that had the first air restrictor back on. You can add duct tape for support (recommended).


If you did what I did and sanded the inside of the coupler, there may be a small piece of orange plastic sticking up on the orange cap (already sanded off in the picture). Sand this little piece off so the coupler is flush with the cap. After gluing the coupler on, you can add a little more duct tape for support


Cut a 5" piece of CPVC to use as the barrel. I used electrical tape for looks (remember not to tape the whole thing, one end needs to fit in the coupler) and then wrapped it a bunch of times near one end to keep it centered in the gun. This is recommended, especially if when you closed your gun up the coupler was a little off to one side


Now you want to cut a slit in the cocking handle, which you can do with a saw or a dremel saw or even heavy duty scissors, anything really, just be careful


When you're done putting rubber bands on, close up the hole with some electrical tape or duct tape so it doesnt open when you're trying to cock the gun

Some notes about this gun: This mod can be done without the coupler if you don't feel you need it, although the coupler greatly increases rate of fire. Just glue the CPVC barrel right onto the cap, maybe adding some tape for support and to keep it centered. This eliminates the need for sanding any of the insides of the gun, but now you need a ramrod to get the dart down.